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Psychic Reading – Jennifer offers a private Psychic Only Reading which lasts approximately 60 minutes via phone or Skype, as well as a 30 minute shorter session. During this reading Jennifer will focus on information and guidance regarding love, business, career, health, relationships, family, pets, finances, moving, and future trends using all her psychic faculties. You may wish to email photos of those you would like to ask about ahead of time, please email to Time will be allowed for questions. Recording is allowed of all sessions, however you are responsible for recording it. See Recordia pro below links for a way to record the session, or you can even use your own phone. To book this type of reading click on Psychic reading below. Shorter instant readings are available with Jennifer at random times thru Best Psychic Directory, please register thru this site first to be able to contact Jennifer for a shorter instant psychic consultation, cost is per minute.

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Mediumship Reading – Jennifer offers a full 60 minute private Psychic Mediumship reading via phone or Skype which includes spirit communication and evidential information from those in spirit so as to provide proof of the afterlife with your loved ones as well as psychic information which is tailored to your needs and wishes, time will also be allowed for questions. Recording is allowed. You may wish to provide photos of your loved ones via mail or email, but this is not required. Please do not provide any information regarding your deceased loved ones to Jennifer or her Assistant prior to the reading, so those in Spirit may have the opportunity to give the evidence. To add another person to your private reading, please add the additional $65 fee when booking your reading. Recording is allowed of all sessions, however you are responsible for recording it. See Recordia pro below link for a way to record the session. To book this type of reading click on Psychic Mediumship.

PET PSYCHIC/Animal Communication/Mediumship Session – Jennifer offers Animal Communication Sessions via phone or Skype or in-person in the Athens, GA area, or in different cities when she is touring. These sessions will be tailored to your questions concerning your animal family, their behavior, health, personality, concerns, issues and what can be done to resolve certain issues, Deceased animals may also communicate during these sessions. (30 or 60 minutes)

Spirit Portrait/Soulgraphs©– Jennifer also offers a Psychic Mediumship Reading and a Spirit Portrait and Auragraph which Jennifer has combined into a unique Soulgraph© which is a pastel or watercolor drawing including drawings of those loved ones in spirit (both human and animal) who make themselves known to her, as well as symbols and numerology which are important to your life in the past, present and future. The reading will include most of what is in the drawing, however certain faces or information may come up during the completion of the drawings and these will be explained in the back of the Spirit Portrait Auragraph. These drawings will be mailed to you in a priority Mail mailing tube within five business days in the US, additional time and postage is needed for mailing outside the USA. This session takes approximately 2.5 hrs in total, only 50-60 minutes on the phone or Skype with yourself, the rest of the time will be used to complete your drawing.  

SOULGRAPH ONLY– You may also book only a Soulgraph© Without a phone reading which will include a written detailed explanation of the drawing, symbols, numerology and any portraits included, the SOULGRAPH will be mailed to you via Priority Mail by USPS, additional shipping charges will apply for outside the USA or Puerto Rica and Hawaii

Group Events/ Messages From Spirit Gallery Events – Jennifer offers private group reading events or seances as well as Messages From Spirit Gallery Events at your location with 3-10 people in the local Las Vegas or Atlanta GA area or in different cities throughout the world. Please contact the office 702-334-6675 to book a group event, price may vary (larger groups and Messages from Spirit Gallery Events can and will be arranged on a case by case basis depending on location, size, time and travel involved). 

House Clearings/ Paranormal Investigations – Jennifer offers these services, when she is available, generally a one hour service in the local Las Vegas area or Athens, GA area at your home. Please call the office  to book this service And inquire about pricing. 702-334-6675


Cancellation policy

All readings when booked cannot be refunded, but may be rescheduled at clients disrecretion at least 24 hours prior to originally scheduled reading or session and within 60 days of booked appointment time. A reading may also be gifted to someone else within that time period. Any reading may be rescheduled by Jennifer due to illness or emergency and will be rescheduled ASAP. If client does not choose to reschedule an appointment within 60 days, that appointment will be lost.


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Please see Jennifer’s Calendar of Events page to see other events, classes, workshops and appearances scheduled for the year. To bring Jennifer to your city, please contact the office at 702-334-6675

Working with Law Enforcement – Jennifer is willing to assist local, state and federal law enforcement authorities in solving crimes, using her intuitive and mediumistic gifts. There is no charge for this service, travel expenses are the only cost she would ask for, if necessary. For More Information. Call 702-334-6675


If you would like your session recorded, you can use this service We are unable to record the sessions for you.


NOTE… All readings are scheduled in eastern time. Please make adjustment to your time zone so you know what time your reading is.


Jennifer is also available on Best Psychic Directory at variable times for Instant Readings. These are per minute and more expensive, and you must register at the Best Psychic Directory /Click 4 Advisor site to participate. Please go to: to see if she is available now for a shorter instant phone reading.

She is also a certified Medium with the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

NOTE: Skype and phone readings are just as accurate as in person readings.

Beautiful printed or electronic GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE for 30 or 60 minute readings. Please call office to purchase.