Jennifer has been a trusted and evidential Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic, Animal Communicator, Spirit Artist, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic Detective, Lecturer, Author, Radio and TV personality and Metaphysical Teacher for over 20 years. She also has over 25 years experience as a Environmental Scientist/Biologist and is very concerned with obtaining detailed evidence and facts regarding proof of life after death.                 
Her current titles include Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, as well as a Chief Examiner.
Jennifer is certified by The American Federation Of Certified Psychics and Mediums, (AFCPM), and featured on 
Jennifer has been honored by the public and Times Square Press and voted as #1 Psychic, Medium, Pet Psychic, Spirit Artist and Paranormal Investigator in 2015-2018.  Recent Awards by TimesSquare Press 5th Annual International Vote for Worlds Best Lightworkers 2017, People’s Choice Awards: Light Workers Lifetime Achievement Award-Lightworkers Hall of Fame, 2014-2017 TimesSquarePress
Lightworker of the Year Womens Category Nomination 2014-2017             #1 Best Pet Psychic 2016-2018
#1 Best Medium in USA ( tied) 2016, 2017
#1 Best Spirit Artist in USA 2016
#1 Best Psychic in USA 2017, 2018 
#1 Best Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Hunter in USA and World 2016 Woman of The Year at Large 2016-17
#3 Best Animal Communicator in USA and World 2016                                                                     Top 4 –Worlds Elite Medium and Worlds Elite Psychic                        Jennifer appeared on the new TV series, “The Twins, Happily Ever After” on the Freeform Channel  as a Pet Psychic, airing March 2017. She also appeared in 12 episodes of the 7th season of the popular TV series “Battle of The Psychics”-War of the Worlds”, Битва экстрасенсов on the STB Channel in 2011, where she represented the USA, competed against the best psychics from around the world and was voted as a top 4 finalist, and chosen as “Best Psychic” of week 5 by the jurors during the filming of the series. Jennifer  spent six months in Ukraine filming the 7th season in 2010-11.  Bitva ekstrasensiv, Битва экстрасенсов is a very popular reality TV series on the STB network in Ukraine now in its 19th season. You can see a clip below and on the Media page on this website.Aside from her 6 months of filming the TV series in Ukraine, Jennifer has traveled extensively demonstrating her mediumship abilities in front of live audiences and on several radio programs.                                                                         
An affinity with nature & communicating with animals led Jennifer to receive her Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies/Natural Sciences at Rollins College in 1985. In the following years while working as a Wetland Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Permitting Specialist and Solar Energy Compliance Manager for Local and State Government, Consulting Engineering Firms, and private Corporations, she also trained as a Medium.  Jennifer began her formal mediumship training at the Cassadaga Camp Meeting Association in Cassadaga, Florida, in the 1980’s, as well as completing many intensive week long courses in Mediumship and Healing at the famed College of Psychic Studies, Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Mountfitchett UK. She was trained in the Spiritualist tradition of Mediumship and was fortunate enough to train with many of the Best Mediums in the world.                
 Jennifer has completed several other related courses, and workshops both in the USA and UK over the last 30 years and continues to train whenever possible. Most recently with Healing training through the “Seraphim Blueprint” method, Grief Recovery and Past Life Regression.                                                                                                Jennifer currently leads an experimental physical mediumship group in Las Vegas which is being documented for research purposes. She is teaching psychic mediumship development, spirit art, numerology, and animal communication, and continues to work on her Trance and Healing mediumship as well. She is currently working on her first book and set of Development CDs.                                                                                     She also works with Private Investigators and the Police to help with solving crimes and find missing people. She works additionally with the Route 66 Paranormal Investigators investigating haunted places along the famed Route 66, as well as working Homicide cold cases.    
Jennifer is a mother of three grown children, Ryan, Shannon and Thomas and is also blessed with four young grandchildren, George, Briley,Henry and Brayden and two toy poodles, Sophia and Tinkerbell. She will be touring the US, UK and Australia in 2019-2020.  


Jennifer and her husband Steve

Tinkerbell & Sophia ❤️

She has been interviewed and contributed articles as research numerous times and is included in the following published magazines and books:        

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