Spiritual Medium Jennifer Wallens

Jennifer has been a trusted and evidential Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Artist, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic Detective, Lecturer, Author, Radio and TV personality and Metaphysical Teacher for over 25 years. She also has over 25 years experience as a Environmental Scientist/Biologist and is very concerned with obtaining detailed evidence and facts regarding proof of life after death. Her current titles include, 

Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies and Chief Examiner for the categories of: Psychic, Medium, Pet Psychic, Spirit Artist, Animal Communicator, and Paranormal Investigator of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. Jennifer is certified by The American Federation Of Certified Psychics and Mediums, (AFCPM),) and also featured on BestPsychicDirectory.com and considered one of the best and most reviewed Certified Psychics and Mediums in the U.S. 

Jennifer has been honored by the public and Times Square Press by consistently ranking in the top of the Worlds Best Lightworkers 2012-2019. Jennifer has been voted as #1 Pet Psychic 2017, #1 Psychic 2018 #1 Medium 2016-17, #1 Spirit Artist and #1 Paranormal Investigator as well as #3 Animal communicator in the USA in 2015-2016.. Most Recommended Psychic, Medium, and Animal Communicator… 2014-2015 -2016-2017

Jennifer appeared in 12 episodes of the 7th season of the popular TV series “Battle of The Psychics”-War of the Worlds”, Битва экстрасенсов on the STB Channel in 2011, where she represented the USA, competed against the best psychics from around the world and was voted as a top 4 finalist, and chosen as “Best Psychic” of week 5 by the jurors during the filming of the series. Aside from her 6 months of filming the TV series in Ukraine, Jennifer has traveled extensively demonstrating her mediumship abilities in front of live audiences and on several radio programs.