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Jennifer was recently a repeat guest on Coast to Coast Am radio with host George Noory

She is currently working on her first book to be published in late 2023. Media Request, or to request a Media Package, (Members of the Press) Email General Question, to email Jennifer’s office with general questions, please email

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Jennifer appeared on the new TV series, “The Twins, Happily Ever After” on the Freeform Channel as a Pet Psychic, airing March 27, 2017.

She also appeared in 12 episodes of the 7th season of the popular TV series “Battle of The Psychics”-War of the Worlds,” Битва экстрасенсов on the STB Channel in 2011, where she represented the USA, competed against the best psychics from around the world and was voted as a top 4 finalist, and chosen as “Best Psychic” of week five by the jurors during the filming of the series. Jennifer has traveled extensively, demonstrating her mediumship abilities in front of live audiences and on several radio programs.


A subtitled synopsis of some moments on Battle of the Psychics TV Series in Ukraine, where Jennifer Wallens was a top finalist.

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Press (Publications, Books, Magazines and News articles)

Jennifer is currently working on her first two books, published in late 2023, on historical and present-day Mediumship and The SEER Method of Afterlife Communication. Copyright 2015

She has been interviewed and contributed articles as research numerous times and is included in the following published magazines and books:

  • USA Wire July 7, 2022 Psychic Jennifer Wallens Helps Law Enforcement with Unsolved Crimes, by C. Bouc
  • Disrupt Magazine July 2022 Jennifer Wallens: World Renowned Metaphysical Marvel by Christien Bouc
  • Influencive June 29: 2022 Jennifer Wallens: Esteemed Psychic, Medium & Animal Communicator cover story by Digital Nod
  • Mojave Daily News Oct.29, 2015 Famous Psychic Medium at Haunted House American Psychic & Medium Magazine, Cover story.
  • 4th Dimension Magazine, Cover story, April 2015 Times Square Press
    UFO & Supernatural Magazine, Cover Story, Times Square Press, 2015
  • Jennifer has been honored by being voted by the public as #1 Psychic, #1 Medium, #1 Paranormal Investigator, and #1 Spirit Artist in the USA 2016.-2018


  • World’s Best, Most Trusted, and Most Popular Lightworkers, as voted by the public in 5th Annual Vote by Maximillien De Lafayette, Times Square Press, 2016 cover photo and interviewed.

  • 2016 United States Best, Most Honest and Trusted Psychics, Mediums, and Lightworkers. By Maximillien De Lafayette, Times Square Press 2016. Cover photo, Back cover photo, and featured.

  • "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLAIRVOYANCE, METAPHYSICS, SPIRITISM, MEDIUMSHIP, OCCULTISM, PSYCHIC PHENOMENON AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY” 15 volumes, 6,500 pages by Maximillien De Lafayette. Contributors: Jennifer Wallens (USA) Coral Ryder…Published by Times Square Press and the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated, New York 2015

  • Spirit Paintings and Art from the Afterlife, The Greatest Spirit Artists And Mediums by Maximillien De Lafayette, Times Square Press, 2015. Jennifer is featured as a Spirit Artist in this book.

  • How The Best Psychics, Mediums, and Lightworkers Connect With God, Angels And The Afterlife, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, August 2015, Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • Megabook, How to Predict and Foresee The Future: Psychics and Lightworkers Who Can Predict Your Future, July 2015, Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • 2015 Best Psychics, Mediums And Lightworkers In The United States, December 2014, Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • Lightworkers World Elite: 300 Psychics, Mediums, and Lightworkers You Can Fully Trust. Volumes 1-3, May 2015, Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • Your Pets In The Afterlife: When Your Dead Pets Return March 2015, and French Edition August 2015, Published by Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • National and International Rank Of The World’s Best Lightworkers (The Best Psychics and Mediums In The World), Volumes 1& 2, November 2014, Times Square Press, by Maximillien De Lafayette.

  • CBS Top Psychics Las Vegas ARTICLE 2014


Numerous local and international Radio Hosts have interviewed Jennifer over the past ten years. Details and links to archived interviews upon request by Media.
Spirit Speaks Radio Interview on Joseph Tittel’s Radio Program appearance at Rockhouse Las Vegas, NV
Jennifer filming with Route 66 Paranormal Investigators
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higher resolution and size available upon request. (702) 334-6675

Recent Book and Magazine covers
JANUARY 2018, and FEBRUARY 2017

Jennifer was a guest on Coast to Coast AM with Host George Noory

Jennifer Wallens was a guest of George Noory’s on the nationally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast am on August 4, 2021. Jennifer talked about her life as a medium and animal communicator and how she helps you spot fraudulent psychics and mediums, and how to tune in to your pet's communication, and receive guidance from deceased ones. She also discussed that being a medium is a sacred calling, and people should be cautious of fraud. Those grieving over death can be susceptible to unscrupulous individuals.